Something happens to a person when they decide to leave city life. When you give up rush hour, fast food, and stress for hiking, whole foods, and a slow paced routine, you start to wonder what other changes you can make that could improve your lifestyle. 

When I moved from San Francisco to Taos, I made all these changes because I felt closer to Mother Nature and as a result, more in tune with my body. I decided I wanted to treat it better, not just with what I put inside it, but with everything I put on the outside as well. 

I began to sell all natural body and beauty care products from my boutique, Wanderer, and discovered some very talented apothecaries and herbalists in the process. I wanted to grow this part of my business because I really believed in it, and so The Wandering Apothecary came to life. 


Taos as a muse.  


Most people who visit Taos discover incredible natural beauty and small American gem. However, others feel something else. Something strong. There is a pull here that doesn't listen to your personal agenda and it's very hard to deny. 

I gave in to the pull several times, and not a day goes by that I regret it. This mystical place on the map has inspired me to listen to myself more, read nature's signs, and start the never ending journey of understanding the moon. 

This shop is a reflection of all that is Taos, and so I thank this mystical place and all that it has given me.